Its my New Years weekend vacation and I’m reading reading these juicy programming articles. Beware, full of naughty goodness.

AJAX Patterns – All about AJAX, quite helpfull.

43 Folders Wiki – Productivity wiki for the software development field.

Reflector Addins – Code Generation, Code Coverage, Code Graphs, man look at them all.

The Peoples Toolbox – Usefull tools for developers

0Rand 1, 0Rand 2 – Two great articles by this guy, Article 1, debuging with Reflector and Visual Studio, debug lower level components you don’t have source code for. Article two, debunking my statements that us developers need offices to be more productive.

WPF versus WPF/E – Interesting comparison with some sample code.

The Dojo Toolkit in Practice – Intro to Dojo

Superfoods everyone needs – Eat healthy!


3 Responses to “What I’m reading”

  1. Michael Sync Says:


    “WPF versus WPF/E” is interesting.

  2. Derek Williams Says:

    Question, to your post:

    where is eProjectServiceObj defined?

  3. Steve Says:

    The AJAX stuff is really useful. I’ve been working the AJAX quite a bit and have found that using that technique increases the power of web-apps 10 fold for the users.

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