The psychology of the programming universe is complex and nuanced, but a quick tip for today is to look for these two words in any conversation.

Only and Just

These two words are used to limit the percieved scope and weight of the subject, without actually limiting the amount of effort or complexity necessary.

Its just this one section on the page we want updated.

It will only take 5 minutes to implement this on all the pages on our system.

It should just take 10 minutes to fix this bug, its really easy, assign it to Kris.

If you ever hear anyone talking about work they want you to do, and use these words, make them re-word what they are asking for without using the words Just or Only. At this point they should be aware of what they are trying to do, and know that not being truthful about the actual amount of effort required is just (hah it has some uses) going to throw off the schedule.

In Scrum you need to be truthful about this type of stuff, you can’t agree to a bunch of Just features knowing its going to make you miss your schedule as everyones Bacon is on the line here. If dev’s can’t get thier work done, the PO’s will share in the blame. And not just that Republican “Its not a big deal I did something bad”, kind of blame.

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