Ichiro Suzuki at http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/sports/2003628318_ichirotv21.html

The point is: A professional who respects himself can only have a positive influence on others around him. If your mantra is that everything you do should be for the benefit of the team, you become incapable of valuing yourself. You become a less-than-ideal player. You become a player that fans don’t pay to come and see. In the end, that kind of player doesn’t benefit the team.

Sure he’s talking about baseball, but doesn’t this apply to all teams? If you don’t focus on being the best ME as possible occasionally, then you don’t grow properly. I’m sure most developers don’t need to be told that you can’t always focus on whats best of the business but you need to look inward as well. Yet the managers need to surely be aware that developers are not tools, and you can’t assume that as you demand more and more from a developer he is improving as a developer.

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