In a short but sweet post over at Ajaxian, Dion Almaer interviewed John Resig, of Mozilla and jQuery about Javascript Libraries, and the reasons for said libraries.

  • Avoid repetition
  • In JavaScript: Distance from browser differences
  • In C: stdlib distances itself from the platform differences

First of all, whats up with #3? Secondly, I’m totally digging points #1 and #2 in the current construction of the library at eProject. Refactoring old code to new code thats twice as good makes me feel so good, like some kind of Ego Building Sundae.

So what do I have to add? That #3 should have been easy test injection.

We’ve been struggling how to implement JSUnit at work for quite some time, testing a function on an ASPX page just isn’t very practical, and a lot of the functions in the old files were intended for a specific usage. Yet, once all the logic from the old pages has been moved to the library, it has been written with re-usability in mind, and writing a JSUnit test page turns out to be just another page in the system.

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