Seriously, you stink, your blog is ugly, and I’ve enjoyed your daily reading updates for far to long.

Its likely the rest of you are curious why I’m using my blog to Flame and smear Jason Haley. Well, if you didn’t notice, first read this post…

Were through Jason Haley

Then check out Jason’s post the following day.

04/15/2007 Interesting Finds

Hmmm, so you flame him, then you get on his daily blog read list. Hey I can do that! So if you ever read this Jason, you can bite me! Which shouldn’t be all that unpleasant after that kick ass salsa recipe you helped me find.

To continue the trend, if you flame me, I’ll add you to my OPML!


5 Responses to “Jason Haley, you suck!”

  1. Justice~! Says:

    I understand – you saw a *brilliant* idea and thought it could be duplicated!!

    My question to you: where is the sass in this post? The implied rugged masculinity? Where is your photo on the blog page that launches a thousand ships and captures Jason Haley’s dark, cold heart? All of these – absent. These are the kind of things you need to get on Jason Haley’s interesting finds, my friend!! And let’s not forget that Jason decided to manipulate me further by mis-spelling my name!!

    Wait a minute…is your name *also* Justice?? Although a slight mis-spelling of the word? Are we brothers from a different mother?

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  3. Justice~! Says:

    Wow, let’s see if my comment gets censored again.

    My question here, friend – where is the outrage? Where is the *sass*? Where is the raw, rampaging masculinity?

    Anyone can link-bait! My post was an open sore exposing the hole in my heart that Jason Haley had left. Where is your pain? Where is *YOUR* outrage?? Where is the interesting find??

    *shakes head sadly*

  4. Donald Belcham Says:

    Good to hear that you like the salsa….unlike stories about a grandmother and technology, it only burns in one spot the next day.

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