I just had one of those moments, the one where you saw the stupidity you were about to wreak upon yourself from 10 miles away, but still grabbed the knife blade as it fell.

The Justice Gray – “North America’s favorite metrosexual software consultant”, not to be mistaken for thyself, had his comments to this blog filtered by this unworthy piece of software known as word press.

I must formally apologize for this grievous error on its part, and for all metrosexual’s out there who had their comments filtered. I am truly sorry, I shall not neglect the comments in the future.


2 Responses to “Ahhh crap”

  1. Justice~! Says:

    And here I was thinking that my comments were simply TOO HOT for your blog to take! 😉 “Damn that Justice, I’ll keep him away from here!”

    Hopefully this one goes through!

  2. Justise Says:

    Thankfully they are going through now, but I’m not getting emailed about them. God I’m this big wig web dev and I can’t handle a damn wordpress blog.

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