I’m knee deep in work, so focused on whats coming up tomorrow to distill what I did yesterday. So, I’m delving into that other past time of great developers, reading.

The Curse of Chalion

I’m going to skip a length description on the story, as you can read that anywhere. Though, from the title you can gather Chalion is having some problems.  I picked the series because the author has some heavy commendations, such as 4 Hugo awards, yet after reading George RR Martins series a Song of Ice and Fire, I was much dissapointed at the scale involved.

I was impressed with the setting she paints, as I would say its her strong point, eloquently describing each scene.  Rounding out the positives where some thought provoking banter, and an acceptable story. I’m a stickler for banter, words of wisdom are hidden in that banter that a man can live by happily, yet when a group debates the wills of a made up god structure, it doesn’t help me a whole lot.

Negatives, well, for most of the book I didn’t connect with any of the characters, I didn’t see the purpose, there was no beginning and the end was so undefined till the very end, which made it seem like an abrupt finish.

This book isn’t a waste of time to read, but I would never suggest you read it before a wealth of other books (Enders Game, SnowCrash, A Song of Ice and Fire, Ilium, I could go on and on and on). I’m actually reading its sequel right now, which I do find I’m enjoying a bit more, as I feel its atleast going somewhere.

I don’t think I have the patience to review a book, I may just want to stick with reading them.

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