After reading Dion Almaer’s post at Ajaxian ( he states under the Undercover Elephant section…

CSS is great for simple web style. CSS is awful for layout. Rich Ajax apps need layout. You spend the majority of your time trying to get CSS working correctly!

Short, sweet, to the point, and very liberating to realize I’m not making something harder then it has to be, its just kinda wrong.

When thinking about this, I was wondering how we came up with this model of floats, pixel precision, and a total lack of good expansion support. Didn’t we have a model to work off of from windows forms? CSS isn’t really awful for layout, its just lacking a few features (Dock, Fill), which if you think about usability, and what a lot of the business applications out there really need, then its a big deal.

So can we get someone out there to focus on creating a model that works in the most dynamic of circumstances? I would really appreciate it, k thx bye.


2 Responses to “CSS Layout is bad. Oh so its not just me?”

  1. Eric Sowell Says:

    EVERY time I do css work on a site I get the exact same thought…you’re not alone 🙂

  2. Justise Says:

    After looking at the new CSS3 Spec, I got really confused, did the old bang your head on the desk 3 times, then looked again and decided they will shove any round problem in the triangle hole of CSS.

    Layout tables? Really? Tables?

    I know I may not be as smart as them, but commonnn, tables!?!?

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