From that wonderful movie Hackers:

GILL (grimly)
Get me arrest warrants on Kate Libby, alias
Acid Burn, Emmanuel Goldstein, alias Cereal
Killer, Dade Murphy, alias Crash Override,
also known as Zero Cool, and Paul Cook, alias
Lord Nikon. We pick them up tomorrow morning
at nine o’clock.

Now, besides all the other ridiculousnesses of this movie, nobody questions this dude on why he is providing the Hacker Aliases of these teenagers? This movie combined with the Matrix, are the two instances in my life where I’ve looked at a bunch of dudes and questioned why nobody called each other out.

This practice is as geeky as it gets, there isn’t a woman in the world that would think its hot to be called Lord Nikon, and your parents would probably feel insulted that your just to good for the name they picked up.

Yet. I still find it incredibly awesome.

I hope if I get issued an arrest warrant for excessive awesomeness, they say Kris Gray, alias Justise. (Just pick me up after lunch please)

Thankfully, most of us accumulate handles as nicknames in our different social environments. We have a guys here at eProject labeled, Tommy Spice, Lynch, Lenny, To Tall, and even BoBo. I’m sure a bunch of you out there have similar labels, and I’m genuinely curious as to what those are.

Make you a deal, the coolest handle out there gets their handle as an easter egg in eProject’s Javascript Library.


5 Responses to “The total somethingness of Handles.”

  1. Justice~! Says:

    Back up there.

    Are you saying you would want your *ALIAS* to be
    Justise Gray???

    That’s high flattery!!

    I don’t need a handle since my real name is cool enough, although I hear the Igloo Coder goes by “Assless Chaps” at his workplace…;)

  2. Justise Says:

    Nobody who chooses their Handle includes parts of their name. Even you, with a name as awesome as Justice (Seriously how cool were your parents?) go by “Anonymous Incredibly Handsome Metrosexual Developer” or “North America’s favorite metrosexual software consultant”.

    Now Assless Chaps, thats a name of high praise. Getting that into the product would be quite interesting.

  3. Scott Says:

    are there non-assless chaps? one wonders…

  4. Justise Says:

    Are you guys really going to have me put (non) assless chaps in our JS library?

  5. Scott Says:

    Or would it be better expressed as “assful chaps” or “assed chaps”?

    PS sorry bout your google hits incoming because of this comment thread.

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