From my Hotel Room 

I am now in Boston, attending the Ajax Experience Conference by the Ajaxian guys.

As it is, I have zilch to report so far, I don’t know anyone who is supposed to be here (besides the daunting list on the speakers lineup). Yet I’m already guessing as to what the keynote speeches are about.  Based on the flavor of the last conference it will probably be more of the Offline Ajax craze.  Why this is so popular I have no idea, I don’t have any interest doing anything with a computer without internet, except the occasional game.

Tomorrow starts with a hard decision between two classes

The Future of JavaScript
John Resig

Performance Tune Your Ajax Application
Bob Buffone

Beyond XHR: Taking Ajax Offline with Google Gears – To become less ignorant
Chris Schalk 

Chris Williams

Comet for Highly Scalable Applications
Michael Carter

Ajax Performance Analysis: Employing the Latest Tools to Get the Job Done
Ryan Breen

I’ll keep everyone updated.


2 Responses to “Ajax Experience 2007 (Boston)”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hopefully you chose Performance Tune Your Ajax Application.

  2. Justise Says:

    That was the hour that there were 4 great sessions, and since I was going to the AJAX performance session later with Ryan of Gomez I figured I should do the CSS perspective class.

    It was a big regret of mine to miss that class though, I’m looking forward to the slides though.

    Maybe you can give another talk on Friday? 🙂

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