This conference is sweet, all of you reading this should be here now to make you realize the awesomeness of Javascript.

Lets go backwards as thats how I’ll remember the events best.

Google Gears

A lot of uncertainty surrounding gears, in a room full of about 1/4 of the people at the conference only a small handfull had ever used gears before, so essentially everyone was copying me in trying to get a crash course.  Some of what I learned.

  • Google doesn’t know all of the variables involved with Offline Applications at the moment so they are releasing it into the wild the same way XMLHTTP was and hoping people do innovative cool things with it.
  • Its essentially a database on the client. With old web 1.0 applications you could just save all the content of the website and just browse between each page locally. Now once one of those pages makes an XMLHTTP request, your screwed. Now you use the database on the client, and have a syncing mechanism.
  • People still aren’t getting it, especially security wise. There were about 10 minutes of questions and almost all of them were security based, with some back and forth discussion among the crowd.
  • As a side note, I just got my food and its quite apparent that we are about as far from China yet still in the US as possible.
  • As to why we need an offline solution. Simplified, “You just need it”, and Google needs it to be able to have their office suite to take on MS. Though I agree, the more cool things out there, the more thats possible from an innovation standpoint.
  • Multiple Worker Pools. You can basically spawn threads to fire off some javascript (with some restrictions as to what the script can access) to do some logic asyncronously. This is nice, but its in gears, I just don’t see how I can ever count on that, or even say “But if you used gears its fast, just not in IE6”.
  • I started wondering, why shouldn’t I just script into the flash plugin? Full Text Search quashed that idea, but still…

When would I use this? Maybe an offline Gantt chart? Offline item view?

I can tell you the ROI on this makes it pretty low on the list atleast based on my perceptions of the customer expectations and wants.

I’ll keep writing as I can catch up.

Sessions I’ve attended and still need to cover:  

Advanced Prototype


Open Keynote <- So good.

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