So not to get on Bill’s case or anything, but why are people out there neglecting to put the location of the companies when they are advertising positions?

Such as these Netflix jobs

Or his friend Sean Kane for here

Or say my money management site

I may be missing it, but I just cannot find where these companies are located and was just curious. Yet it seems like a pretty important factor into whether a person would be interested in taking your job.

Anyway, now that I’ve mentioned it hopefully the trend of neglecting the location of your home office on your website will be abandoned.


3 Responses to “On what planet are these jobs?”

  1. Sean Kane Says:

    Great point! I edited the entry.

  2. Michael Bannen Says:

    I think it’s resourcefulness test
    Really, though. You don’t have to be too resourceful. There are only two pages on the GetListed site and one of them has a map 🙂

  3. Justise Says:

    Hey thats not fair! Sean added that after I made this post.

    Obstacles probably aren’t the best thing when you are looking for the best and the brightest to come work for you.

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