Douglas Crockford posted on his blog a list of 10 suggestions for the future of HTML. They are amazingly simple to understand and fixes some pretty annoying rules that probably made sense in design, but not so much in practice.

Some of the highlights.

  • No more framesets, frames, or iframes. The security properties of these were problematic. Instead we’ll have modules.
  • The default CSS content needs to be standardized. See for example The browsers should have more commonality in their default styling.
  • Custom HTML tags have always been allowed in HTML. In HTML 5 they become first class. CSS can be used to style custom tags.

It all comes together when read them all together, and I agree with most points. In fact, after close scrutiny the only one I don’t totally agree with is the single programming language per page argument. As Crockford is pretty adamant that ECMAScript 4 should become a separate language, only allowing one language which would be ECMAScript 3 on one page would doom 4 to banishment.

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