About a week ago, Tony Chor posted on the IEBlog a post about how they were very happy with IE7 and gave a very rah rah speech about its quality attributes. You see the articles in print a lot, as reporters are generally happy to be complimentary to their guests, and maintain a good relationship with Microsoft. Though in the blog world you get things like.

# re: The First Year of IE7
Friday, November 30, 2007 3:32 PM by Joseph E. Davis
From the horrifically god-awful (IE6) to the merely depressingly buggy, nonstandard, and incomplete (IE7)… congratulations!

Direct quote from the end of the “A vulnerability report”
“ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jeff Jones is a Security Strategy Director in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group.”
Once again, thanks for the un-biased reports!…

# re: The First Year of IE7
Friday, November 30, 2007 5:01 PM by “Internet Explorer has stopped working”
Sorry, I can’t get past the all-too-frequent IE 7 crashing or hanging at seemingly random times to appreciate anything you just posted.

Now every blog gets trolls, especially at Microsoft, but sometimes they are warrented, and the venom the developer community has for Microsoft and its insane browser process is very deserved.

Since FireFox can update issues and push out updates at any time, they can continually improve without any major release. Yet since Microsoft isn’t really willing to push mandatory updates of IE to its customers, it has to get everything right the first time. Which makes their process even more insane. The whole developer community can feel a big IE 8 dump coming in the near future stating “Its done!”, “Best IE Ever!” and “Developers will love it! Get it now!”. At which point you will have made thousands of developers who drive the web utterly frustrated and most likely give them a mental breakdown after the excitement of a new release turns to disappointment and disdain.

We just want to make sure you get it right. If your right then you’ve got nothing to hide, then you can ignore the trolls.

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