Having a calm collected state of mind isn’t something that you should attain in the rare moments of the day you can relax, and it isn’t something you gain naturally. Having a calm inner spirit or essentially achieving a zen like state is something you have to fight for.

With that in mind, I really urge you to go read this book.

Getting Things Done Book

He approaches your mind like a Rubiks cube that while difficult for the uninitiated, is really quite simple to get to a grip on and put into an organized fashion.

When you’ve read it, you should probably read it again, and one final time to get it fully committed to memory.

They also have a website that has some awesome stuff on it, such as this tip that allows you to keep a centralized list of todo items in your Gmail in box.


Getting things done, or GTD for short really isn’t a small fledgling idea, many many people adopt its teachings, as you can see by this 43folders article.


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