Thats right, the 4 monitor club.

I’ve heard it talked about a lot and based on the amount of multi-tasking I do, and the amount of screens I use on a consistent basis I knew I had to grow beyond the 2 I had previously.

I will be downgrading to 3 after today as 4 leaves me with no desk space and just isn’t efficient. Plus nobody here has 3 and I figure if I go around with 4, people will get jealous.


I originally wanted to do this because we had an old PCI NVidia card laying around, and recently some new monitors became free. So it seemed like a simple process. But when I went to put it all together, it turns out an NVidia card and an ATI card won’t co-exist peacefully.

So off to I go (my goto site for new hardware) and ordered up a new Video Card. Today I got it in the mail, and slapped it in.

I was absolutely amazed at this point, the computer booted up, the monitors did some turning on and off, and then all the monitors were working just as expected. I still needed to change the resolution and placement of the monitors, but I was just boggled that it took 0 setup after I plugged the card in.


I’m stoked.


2 Responses to “I joined a prestigious club today”

  1. Thomas Williams Says:

    G’day Kris – nice setup! From this picture I can conclude: you buy Dell (I have two of the exact same monitor as your far-right one); you are not using any monitor-spanning taskbar; you are running Vista but not a sidebar; there’s not too may 4,500px by 1024px wallpapers around; and, you must have very wide eyes (!)

    More seriously, have you found wide screens to be helpful at all?

    Cheers, Thomas

  2. Kris Gray Says:

    Heya Thomas

    I’m currently coding most HTML and CSS and the stuff tends to go really long. So yea the widescreens are a godsend, that little square 19″ would have driven me nuts had I kept it.

    I did tilt the far left monitor vertical and use it as my main browser window, testing the site and stuff. I find I haven’t had to scroll at all in this monitor, its heaven.

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