The AlphaImageLoader, that wonderful little tool that allows us to do so many different things in our designs using transparency’s, multi-channel alpha channels and all at decent file sizes.  Not sure what I’m talking about still?

Try… ohh, this article from 24 ways. I’m not really to interested in describing the awesomeness of PNG’s when so many others have done it so well.

It is very important to know though that when using the AlphaImageLoader it will invalidate most if not all mouse events (I haven’t noticed any it doesn’t kill) on elements covered by the PNG loaded in the AlphaImageLoader.

The only work-around for this is that transparent regions are immune to this effect. As on the following image below, I made half the box below transparent by cutting out half of the blue gradient.

In this image, my name is encased in an H1 with an onclick event, but that event will only be fired if you clicked on the last 4 characters (RAY!) as they reside in the transparent portion.

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