The Ajax Experience

So last year I went and was overwhelmed by how much a conference can help. Last year I was able to talk Daptiv my former company into sending me there as I hadn’t had a lot of interaction with the AJAX community outside of blogs and such. What took me by surprise was that after the conference it wasn’t the knowledge that I gained so much as the excitement and energy that I felt after words. It was like a mini generator for my programming spirit.

So I get to go again this year, really exited, yup. I was hoping it would be here in San Francisco as that’s where I am now, but well, they basically eliminated it in favor of Boston, so that is where I will be Sept 29th – Oct 2nd.

Flash Training

Before coming to Method I had no great interest in learning Flash, but now seeing what they do with it here, well, I’m stoked. Next week, I’ll be spending 3 days at AcademyX training learning all about Flash and ActionScript.


I’ve been posting up retrospectives of the projects I finish, but usually I can’t tell you about them when I’m working on them or about to start as they want to control the press for them. This time I figure I can tell you I’m going to be cleaning up some of the issues on Its actually a very nice site to work on as its very simple, only 3-4 actual pages and mostly JavaScript goodness for the rest its pretty self-encompasing.


I just finished a book called Managing Humans it is on my personal list of important books right next to Joel On Software’s books for understanding business and people. I’ve been trying to bring some of the wisdom from the book to day to day work here, but adoption is slow.

I’m finding though that I enjoy process just as much as programming, its refactoring chaos into order and that appeals to my anti-chaos brain very much.

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