So a while ago I posted about using the font CSS declaration to clean up your stylesheets a bit. I had been using the technique on a new project for the first time and it seemed to be working like a charm, till I did a quality check using Firefox.

So it turns out, it doesn’t work. Not only does the font-family not get inherited but any other rules you specified get ignored as well.

Super annoying.  So I did what any good citizen would do. I complained.

Bug: #448142

The great thing about FireFox is that if they decide to fix this issue, they can have it pushed to the general public of FireFox users and this issue could be eradicated in weeks time. So here’s hoping.

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  1. Kris Gray Says:

    Update: If you check the bug you’ll see it was responded to. Basically it doesn’t pass validation. Lame. Anyway for now I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll have to specify the font when I use the font CSS declaration.

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