Another year another Ajax Experience. I’m certainly lucky that my company sees the benefits of these events and is willing to send me to them. I think I’ve learned a bunch from my last event and hope that I can present the information in an easier fashion.


This was a pretty similar keynote to the one last year. 

  • There was a brief mention of UX being crucial to the evolution of great, but no more follow up.
  • Ben and Dion did this thing where they setup a random buzzer and when it sounded they would trade off on who was speaking. Sure kept things interesting. 
  • More of a hello, this stuff is exciting talk.
Google Chrome
Its interesting that this year seams to be the year of the JavaScript engine. It was a big reason for the conception of a new browser on behalf of google. 
  • Started the browser project 2 years ago, when JavaScript engines weren’t getting a lot of attention.
  • Based on the rendering engine of WebKit. They liked webkit because it was fast.(May have been some other reasons but they escape my memory)
  • 3 Core principals (Stability, Performance, Developer Friendly)
  • Plan to continue development with those 3 principals in mind.
  • No never ending alert box
  • Use the nightlies, they haver lots of good stuff in them.
  • Linux and Mac are first class citizens in terms of importance, they just aren’t releasable yet.
Top 10 Cross Browser Issues
I was like 5 minutes late to this session so I didn’t catch the introductions, there was some good content in here that I’m just not going to be able to get to detailed on.
  • Dropping support for Safari 2. Doesn’t have good accessibility capabilities. 
  • Most on the panel agreed there are 2 main levels of support. Primary which means we want everything working perfectly in that browser, and the others where if its crashing we’ll fix it, otherwise maybe we’ll think about it.
  • There was a lengthy talk about browser detection vs feature detection. With jQuery moving to feature detection John was in the camp that if you do feature detection then you have future browser support. 
  • When do you begin testing a browser release seriously? Beta.
  • What browser inconsistencies do you despise the most? (No way to detect if an event is implemented, Rich text editors, accurate attribute values back from IE–href, HasLayout)
  • What JS Library would you suggest if you couldn’t suggest your own. (Prototype guy: jQuery, Dojo Guy: Goo, Yahoo Guy: jQuery, JohnResig: Prototype)
  • Would you ever consider consolidating the libraries? Not suprisingly dojo has already been doing this, the other libraries didn’t say anything.
That was the end of Day 1. Day 2 is 12 hours of learning fun, so I’ll have lots more to cover.
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