Gunnar Optiks

Gunnars Optiks are indoor computer oriented glasses geared towards saving your eye’s from the constant strain of staring at a flashlight all day. Most of the frames have a yellowish tint which is supposed to filter out harmful light, and then they also have a .25 focus which is supposed to allow words to stick out a bit more.

Yellowish Tint Effect

After hearing about these glasses I was intrigued, but didn’t really consider getting them until I read that they are covered by VSP which is the most common vision plan out there. VSP will cover usually about 100 dollars of a pair of any eye glasses you want to get, so since the glasses are listed at around 75-100 dollars on their website I figured it would be free to try out.

I went down to Optiks (a random boutique) in the mall and tried out all of their different frames before settling on this pair in the Sheadog style. Unfortunetly they weren’t a VSP provider, and it turns out if your in San Francisco its really hard to find a provider who carries Gunnars at this time so I ended up just buying them on Amazon. Since they were listed for about 100 on Amazon, and Optiks was selling them for 150, so yay!

After getting them, I’m not going to say I LOVE them, that wouldn’t be exactly true, but…


  • They do help with eye strain, my eye’s can stare at a monitor all day without feeling like they will de-focus and never see anything again. A big problem I had is at night after staring at a monitor all day, words would be very blurry but I haven’t had that problem since getting the Gunnars.
  • I love the .25 focus they have, which makes words stick out.
  • I love the feel of the frames and the glasses on my face feel good. They don’t feel cheap, though they are light and professional.
  • In my opinion the glasses look good, you don’t look like your wearing sunglasses inside.


  • I’ll still start programming for a while and forget I’m not wearing them, so the difference isn’t that crucial.
  • My Headphones, which grip my head like a vice, squish the glasses a bit and make them hard to adjust. Not a problem for most, but tight headphones and Gunnars aren’t a match made in harmony.
  • Items at a distance, say out a window are very blurry. Since it has a small focus adjustment to it, not a correction for most people, it screws up looking at distances. You’ll end up taking them off every time you step away from your monitor.
  • I’ve got 3-5 VSP providers within 2 blocks of my office, and nobody carries these glasses! Frustrating…


I think I’m actually starting a trend at work, as several people are starting to consider getting the glasses themselves as eye strain is a big deal for us who sit in front of a monitor all day. It is totally worth it if you can get VSP to pay for them, even 2/3’s of the price would absolutely be worth it.

My Boss wearing the Gunnars

My Boss wearing the Gunnars

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