The magazine for Javascript Developers.

I stumbled upon the JSMag website and decided to sign up and try out the trial PDF.

The magazine is put together by Michael Kimsal, who also does GroovyMag and he compiles articles from writers in the JavaScript community to publish in this online only magazine (is it an e-zine then?).

In the trial PDF your topics are

  • JazzRecord: JavaScript Databases Made Painless
  • The Red Pill: Functional Programming in JavaScript
  • Using Object Literals to Organize your Features
  • Community News

I’ve long been interested in Functional JavaScript programming, and so the article is pure candy. Its written well, I don’t feel like I’m being talked down to, but I’m also able to keep up on a subject that is a shift from traditional programming concepts. The article was written by Robert Fischer, and I’ve gained a healthy respect for him from it.

The only real negative is the price, typically, I’ll sign up for magazines and they will cost about 20 for a subscription, but JSMag actually costs $59.88 for a years worth of soft copies. Granted, you get a magazine devoid of advertisements, making it pure content, but its still a heavy price to pay for a magazine.


4 Responses to “There’s a Javascript Magazine, and its really good!”

  1. Michael Kimsal Says:

    Hello, and thanks for the kind words. We’ve been investigating some other pricing options, but have not made any commitments. This september is a bit on the small side, but typically an issue will be 32 or 36 pages (we had one at 40). Yes, we’re not advertising supported, which plays a part in the pricing. Additionally, we’re paying writers and editors, which adds to the cost. If we were an all-volunteer effort, the pricing would probably be radically different. Finally, authors keep their own copyrights, so you may see some of the content from jsmag republished on authors’s blogs a few months after our initial publication. To that extent, we’re helping authors write better material than they might otherwise have done, and give them the freedom to release it later if they choose.

    Thanks again for the feedback, input and support. 🙂

  2. Kris Gray Says:

    Hey Michael,

    I understand the pricing structure, everything you mention makes perfect sense, and when compared to the price of a computer book its not that bad of a price.

    Hopefully most of you out there can just get your work to pay for it, they would certainly benefit.

  3. Michael Kimsal Says:

    Quick update on the pricing – we now offer a 10% discount for 12 month purchases. Granted, it’s not $20 like you’re used to, but we’re growing and are now able to offer this modest offset.

  4. Kris Gray Says:

    Thats great Michael, thanks!

    I’ll try again to get my employer to get a subscription.

    How about a print version?

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