I was told there would be Punch and Pie

Posted in Blogroll by Kris Gray on August 29th, 2007


So as I stated in  a rather self promoting post titled Jason Haley you Suck! that I would add everyone who posted a comment to my daily blog reading list (OPML — What the hell does that stand for?). So I thought I’d let everyone know I backed up the goods.


Gray’s Matter – http://graysmatter.codivation.com/

Coding in an Igloo – http://igloocoder.com/default.aspx

Seeing no reason to deny a random passerby, I decided to add

The Coding Humanist – http://www.thecodinghumanist.com/Blog/

Who am I to buck tradition? Punch and Pie for all!


What I’m reading

Posted in AJAX,Blogroll,development by Kris Gray on January 1st, 2007

Its my New Years weekend vacation and I’m reading reading these juicy programming articles. Beware, full of naughty goodness.

AJAX Patterns – All about AJAX, quite helpfull.

43 Folders Wiki – Productivity wiki for the software development field.

Reflector Addins – Code Generation, Code Coverage, Code Graphs, man look at them all.

The Peoples Toolbox – Usefull tools for developers

0Rand 1, 0Rand 2 – Two great articles by this guy, Article 1, debuging with Reflector and Visual Studio, debug lower level components you don’t have source code for. Article two, debunking my statements that us developers need offices to be more productive.

WPF versus WPF/E – Interesting comparison with some sample code.

The Dojo Toolkit in Practice – Intro to Dojo

Superfoods everyone needs – Eat healthy!


Some links to checkout

Posted in Blogroll,development by Kris Gray on December 11th, 2006

To solve your case of the Mundays

Dzone.com – A compilination site of diffrent articles by fellow developers for other developers.

Prototype documentation – Prototype is a javascript library that makes javascript a bit easier to use. Its hard to find good Prototype documentatio, so this site is a treasure trove.

Best of the Best 2.0 – The best 2.0 applications out there, grouped by category.

Javascript Libraries – My secret stash of libraries that make me seem like I’m uber productive, but really I’m just using other peoples hard work.

Balls of Fury! – For your viewing pleasure. Fun stuff.

That should keep you busy for weeks.

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A Cyber Monday Update

Posted in Blogroll,Movies by Kris Gray on November 28th, 2006


  • I’m not a movie reviewer, if I’m dead set on liking a movie, I’m damn well gonna like it. I saw the trailer for Happy Feet long ago (last year) and really loved it. Ever since then I’ve been really excited to see this movie.  Since this is just just a bullet point update, I’m going to summarize my opinion of the movie as such. Great movie, really funny, would recommend it to all.
  • The next great movie is 300 March can’t come to soon. Though I’ve heard the new Bond is really good.
  • The amount of Martial Arts movies coming out is really disappointing me.
  • A follow up from my last post…

Hey! Look, a Blogroll on the side bar, I wonder what thats for? It has an OPML import feature, hmmmm. Eureka!

  • SNOW! Its snowing here in Seattle, and worse its wet on the roads, and now below freezing, so the roads have turned to ice. Wonder if I’m going to work tommorow.
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Crack for your developer brain

Posted in Blogroll,development by Kris Gray on November 27th, 2006

You need to be reading Coding Horror, Computer Zen, and Joel on Software.

Also, you need to read these following books immediatly.

Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices

The Best Software Writing I: Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky

Coder to Developer

That is all for now.

Oh and check out eProject.com too, its pretty cool stuff.

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