I have the luxury of working at home 2-3 days a week and so I’ve decided to really upgrade what I have at home.

Covering the bare white walls is just one of the many tangents I’ll be taking, but it’s the one I’m prepared to write about.

Obviously art is subjective, but based on the following criteria these are the sites I found and what I ended up liking.

  • Inspirational
  • Simple
  • Geeky

With that in mind, here’s some of what I liked and the sites I used during my search.

Imps & Monsters – The Art of Justin Hillgrove

The Army of Darkness of Charlie Brown

Besides combining two great characters, I liked this particular print because I saw it first at the Issaquah Salmon Days Art festival and the artist is local (Snohomish, WA).

Startup Vitamins

Get Shit Done!

I did end up getting this one. At work I have a little post-it that says “Buck up” which is just that little reminder to not cut corners and to step up and do those tasks that need to be done. So this poster was right up my alley. It also comes cheaply framed. One big theme I found while doing this project, framing is expensive!

Kult Studios

Kult Studios

I really like their stuff. From original Star Wars posters, to custom artwork not found anywhere else the selection is amazing. The price though was a bit extreme. With a whole office to do, I can’t be spending $2,500 on one (awesome) print.


Star Trek Prints

I love the idea of thinkgeek, but so rarely find something I’d want to own. Though when it came to art, they delivered. Several pieces I really enjoyed; Hubble Deep field poster, Space Shuttle Blueprints, Hobbit Map of Middle Earth are all still under consideration. Overall a solid option, though limited with 77 total items in the category and not all are wall art.

George Pedro on fineartamerica.com

AT-AT on Hoth

George has some art prints of scenes from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and other various characters. I especially liked his scenes of AT-AT walkers on Hoth. Didn’t quite click with me for the office, but I think he’s definitely worth a look.


Bruce Lee

The best option for last.

When I started this search I tried Etsy but I couldn’t find anything that I was looking for and moved on. After searching other resources quite a bit and not finding the feel I was looking for, I ended back up on Etsy and redoubled my efforts which resulted in a wealth of treasures. I feel the majority of what I’ll end up ordering will probably come from Etsy. The items are so unique and some even allow you to customize your orders.

If you want to see what I ended up Favoriting, you can see that here.

Special Mention: /r/battlestations

Not art related at all, but in my browsing on what different people are doing for their offices, you can see what artwork they have and get ideas from that. If you’re going to be updating your office, it’s definitely a place you should go and just see what others have done.

I don’t know of a sub-reddit just for office art, but I bet there is one. If anyone ever finds it I’d love to know what it is.

Happy hunting people.

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