Demeter Group Website

This is the first version of the Demeter Group website, it’s a flat HTML site with no CMS and has some usage of JavaScript to allow for in page browsing.

Some notes from this project.

  • Working with people who you recognize is lots of fun. These guys actually worked with Method the soap company; GU2O is a product I’ve used in the past during my runs; and I keep seeing their products at various stores which gives me a sense of pride that in some small (very very small) way I contributed to the success of that product.
  • I experimented with another layout for my JavaScript. I’m trying to find the right type of techniques for each different size of website; in this one I did a new class for each page, and since some of the pages were similar, I utilized a base class for those.
  • On this project, I estimated about a day for the back button implementation as the last time I did it on it took forever. When it came time to implement it, it took about 2 hours. Now I’ve done it so many times, 30 minutes is enough time.
  • Getting a new designer in the middle of the project sucks. Unfortunately the designer who created the design moved back to Seattle right before I started coding, so a new designer had to pick up where he left off. This wasn’t fun for either of us as its hard for another designer to answer to the original designers intent.
  • In JS Libraries like M and jQuery, you should use lowercase in your CSS selector searches. WebKit based browsers (Safari, Chrome) don’t like the uppercase tag names. I really haven’t investigated it, but I would assume the tag names are in lower-case and the libraries tend to use methods that do css searches that care about such things. (querySelectorAll, querySelector).

  1. //--- Safari doesn't like this
  2. $$("BODY").addEvent("..", function(){});
  4. //--- It prefers this
  5. $$("body").addEvent("..", function(){});
  • Make sure you cancel your animations for mouse-over events if the user navigates to another element with an animation.
  • Content is the hardest part of any project. Its hard to create, hard to plan for without, and rarely fits at the end.
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