Baraka Africa
Demeter Group
Clear Capital
GET Island
Web Development
UI Architecture
Koei-Kan Washington
Diakadi Body
  • Salesforce.com


    Calendar and Activities

    I currently work in the Calendar and Activies group and haven’t added any new features that I can yet talk about.
    But trust me, they are amazing.

  • Baraka Africa

    Baraka Africa

    Volunteer Work

    Salesforce encourages its employee’s to donate their time for good causes, and so I offered to help out this company initiative
    to raise funds for charities in Africa.

    The site was built in Dreamweaver before it was handed to me, and they wanted the styles across the site more consistent,
    the general look and feel cleaned up and some content added. So I converted its table based layout to mostly a CSS
    based layout (theres still quite a bit of uglyness in there), converted to using PHP so we can include common site elements across
    pages and optimized their script based features.

  • Demeter Group

    Demeter Group

    Site Development

    I really like the Demeter Group site and take every opportunity to show it off as a site I worked on, even though I did
    none of the design. (That was the expert designers of Method.) The site is clean, the transitions are great, and it easily
    transmits information. You can probably see a lot of its influence in my site actually.

    With sites like this, you start to do the same thing over and over technically, so I took it as an opportunity to refine my implementation of
    SWFAddress for back button history management, I also usually did sites in Mootools prior to this, and thus figured I’d do it in jQuery
    this time.

  • Clear Capital

    Clear Capital

    Template Development

    For Clear Capital, I developed some re-usable site templates for them. We did this quite often at Method and was difficult on me,
    but turns out really nice for the customer if I do it right. If your not sure how this works, let me explain. The designers at Method will
    design several different types of layouts, planning for all the different types of content you’ll have on your page. Then I implement them in
    a way that is very flexible so that any type of content can be used in many different types of ways. This makes it really easy for the
    client to implement his content long after we’ve finished the site and handed it off to them.

  • JavaFX


    Template Development

    I was one of the developers on the team to produce templates for JavaFX.com which
    was one of the tougher sites I had to work on. The requirements were very complex, we had a lot of difficult features to implement,
    including a box that expands when you hover over it using JavaScript which pretty innovative at the time.

  • Method.com


    Site Development

    Method.com was my first job at Method, and is one of the projects I’m most proud of. The site is based on Modules of content
    that flow based on your section and browser size. So for the most part, the site is just one page that loads modules based
    on the new sections you go to. Also if you resize your browser, the modules reorder themselves to fit your new browser size.

  • GETIsland


    Site Development

    The GETIsland project allowed me to branch out and do use some extra technologies since it involved a back-end feature that
    allowed you to create a second life character from the website. To do this I wrote some logic to call the SecondLife API, utilizing
    C# and ASP.NET.

    The GETIsland site is an internal project so unfortunetly you can’t visit, it. But you can check out the picture.

    • Technologies
    • C#
    • ASP.NET
    • Mootools
    • HTML, CSS, JS
  • Personal Site


    Site Development

    For my personal site I decided I didn’t want an existing template that I would get tired of, I wanted something I was proud of
    and designed really well. So I went to the professionals, at least the ones I could afford (Method designers are hundreds of dollars
    an hour!) and posted my project on 99Designs, you can see the whole
    project history still online.

    With a design in hand, I learned how to implement templates in WordPress, I created some custom styles and scripts beyond what the original
    design specified, and got it done in a few weeks. (Hey I got a day job too)

    A few other things like this portfolio view were done using Mootools and ReallySimpleHistory (for history management), the Delicious plugin uses some
    server based caching to prevent overload of the delicious server, and the inline comment viewing on the home page was done using Mootools as well.

  • Koeikan

    Koei-Kan Karate Do National Site

    Site Design and Development

    I met with the clients to discuss a design, we bandied some ideas around and they settled on this black simple layout.
    The site was implemented using ASP.NET, primarily for includes of common components.

    As a note, the site is now maintained by someone else, and they have added some features not there when I handed it off,
    like the google map.

  • Koei-Kan Washington

    Koei-Kan Washington Dojo

    Site Design and Development

    Another site for the same client as earlier. Though for this project, I did my own design iterations and presented them with the
    design you currently see. They loved it and I went with it. I don’t consider myself a designer, so I’m always excited when my designs
    work out for the client. (Which they usually do, I’ve not had a client reject my design services yet.)

    Again another site that was implemented with ASP.NET for includes, at the time it was the only server language (other then ASP)
    that I knew, so it was the logical choice. Since then I’ve added PHP, JSP, and even some Python so my choices would probably have
    been different today.

  • Diakadi Body


    Site Maintenance

    I’ve been doing small feature additions and content updates to the Diakadi site for about 6 months now. Its my first and only Flash
    (Actionscript 2) project and has been a great learning experience. Typically the additions have been adding new pages of content,
    and new sections to the page.

    I’ve also set them up with Google Analytics and Source Control as they had neither before the project started. Now they know how much
    traffic they get, where it comes from and how to increase it. Plus they have a complete history of their sites changes, and one source
    for the latest version.

  • Daptiv


    Web Development

    Daptiv is the leader in Project Management Software as a Service solutions, so it has a very large customer base, with a complex
    product. I was brought in as a general web developer, able to do a feature from soup to nuts. Our framework was based on
    ASP.NET and C# technologies, and we used MS SQL server on the database layer.

    I worked on the Capacity Planner, Project Requests, Cognos Integration and PMExpress’s Salesforce Integration. With the Capacity planner was a very heavy
    JavaScript project, which I had lots of fun working on and it started to influence my role at Daptiv.

  • Daptiv UI


    UI Architecture

    I ended up taking on the UI Framework as my responsibility, and become head of the UI layer. I helped oversee the hiring of
    a Graphic Designer and a User Experience Designer to better improve the overall usability of the Daptiv product. As with most
    enterprise products on the web, it had started to show its age as time went on.

    Once in the group, I started refactoring the loose bit of scripts throughout the system into an actual framework, one that was
    documented, unit tested and re-usable by those server devs in the other teams. I also refactored the components in the system
    to start loading faster with less HTML, with some small changes to global layout components, I was able to increase the percieved
    performance of 90% of the pages in the system.

    Since leaving Daptiv because of a move to San Francisco, I’ve found that this type of job is my ideal work and I’ve strived to
    learn and improve with that in mind, looking for a great opportunity to slot into and take over a product that I can elevate to
    the next level.